Returns, Exchanges and Warranty Info:

Returns, Exchanges and Warranty Info:

All RAZE Eyewear comes with our limited warranty against manufacturing defects with valid proof of purchase from an authorized RAZE Eyewear dealer or Claims will not be processed without valid proof of purchase by original owner.

Products altered after purchase; damage caused by normal wear and tear including scratched lenses; scratched or broken frames; disfigurement caused by neglectful exposure to extreme temperatures and/or other factors, as determined solely by RAZE.

If your claim does not qualify for manufacturer defect and falls under normal wear and tear you have the option of replacement sunglasses at a nominal cost. EACH ORIGINAL PURCHASE IS LIMTED TO TWO (2) REPLACEMENTS AND MUST PROVIDE ORIGINAL PROOF OF PURCHASE FOR EACH SUBMISSION.

Sunglasses that qualify for manufactures' defect will be replaced with a new pair of RAZE Eyewear sunglasses of the same style/color/lens only. All claims will be subject to review and approval. Any sunglasses deemed as a manufacturers defect will be replaced at no charge. Sunglasses that are deemed to be damaged by normal wear and tear may qualify for the RAZE Replacement discount Program if maximum claims have not been reached and replacement cost fee is paid as per above. RAZE will replace (with an identical or reasonably equivalent style), at our option, any product determined by RAZE to have a manufacturer's defect.

Unforced damages, cracks or breaks, or if the product fails in any way that is not a result of misuse, force or accidental damage RAZE Eyewear has the sole discretion to determine manufacturer’s defects.

Accidental damages, cracks or breaks, scratched lenses, scratched or deformities to, the frame and general wear and tear.
Don’t go droppin’ your RAZE on the pavement or run ‘em over with your car, they’re super tough but unlikely to survive. Also bear in mind, some models may feature an anti-scratch coating but this does not make ‘em scratch proof. Your RAZE are there to protect your eyes, so if they do get scratched as a result of a random flying object coming at ya, just be grateful it was your sunglasses and not your eyes. Sunglasses can be easily replaced, your eyes cannot. To increase the lifespan of your RAZE Sunglasses please follow the RAZE Care Instructions.


This applies to RAZE Eyewear purchased within the United States only. Double check whether the fault is covered under our Limited Warranty. If it’s not covered, it’s time for a new pair of RAZE. We suggest you use a trusted traceable delivery service as loss is at your own risk. RAZE Eyewear will assess your sunglasses against our Warranty Policy and aim to get back to you within 10 business days.

Email the following info:

  • A picture of the issue
  • Description of the defect
  • Contact information
  • Proof of Purchase

to RAZE Eyewear:

RAZE Eyewear may not be able to replace discontinued models even if they do meet the Warranty Policy. But don’t worry, if it’s a genuine warranty claim, we’ll still take care of you the best we can.



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